Lets Start a Blog!

December 19th, 2010

I dont know how much Ill be posting on here, because last time I had a blog it didnt get too much activity 🙁   but that was my fault for making it so lame lol.  Keep in mind fellas, that just because Im blogging doesn’t mean Im going to write all sorts of slutty sexual stories lol.  Ill write some good stuff, and Ill bitch too lol.  Info about appts, things I like and things that bug me.

IF you get lucky, and keep a close eye on things, you might get a sexy-ass story because I might feel like playing with words *wink wink*

To start things off…. Ill tell you a few things about me 🙂

I play in either my neighbors next door, where I rent a room that is warm and inviting, or in my van.  Its $10 off my every time rate if its in the van, because I dont have to pay the cost of the room.  BUT… please let me know a half hour in advance so I can heat it up.  the van DOES NOT TRAVEL! altho yes, I can physically drive it lol.  just not for you 😉

Things I like are the missionary position.  Its nice to give up alittle control sometimes 🙂  and putting my knees over your shoulders is AWESOME!  I can dig some doggie style, as long as you arent over 8inches.  then it hurts like hell lol I know some of you freaks think pain is pleasurable, but not this naughty vixen!  Im aaaallll about pleasure!  altho I have been known to do some ball bashing and cock twisting for guys that insist 😉  but Im too nice to tell you what to do and bully you lol.

Other things I like are CLEAN GENTLEMEN!  if you arent clean, at least dont be smelly lol.  hey… every once in awhile!  I mostly cater to businessmen.  and I don’t like arguing about rates.

I LOVE getting massages.  I have a hard time giving them tho.  my hands cramp 🙁  but if I give a ball massage with a stick in my mouth I LOVE IT!  remember, Im not asking for anything from you, so this is perfectly legal talk 🙂  This is all about my time and companionship 🙂

OMG… you have NO IDEA how much I love to suck cock!  and Im GOOD AT IT!  I cant deep throat (most chicks cant and lie) but boy do I have some GREAT SUCTION!  I let you pop in my mouth, and altho I dont swallow, I will suck out EVERY LAST DROP!!!!   YUMMY! I gently spit into a baby wipe, and then have more to clean you up with 🙂  no going home with messy shorts!

okay…shutting up now!  going to bed 🙂  super kisses for you!  I might add another blog to this tomorrow 🙂